Action Bronson (emcee) and Harry Fraud (producer) - Saab Stories

DAYUM. How can you not be a fan of these guys? Once I heard the opener to Fraud’s mixtape, Adrift, Morey Boogie Boards featuring yes.. Action Bronson on the rhymes, I knew that another pairing between these two was inevitable. Bronson, who has released projects with one producer spanning the entire projects (Tommy Mas - Dr. Lecter, Statik Selektah - Well-Done, Party Supplies - Blue Chips and The Alchemist - Rare Chandeliers), says that this will be the last release recorded in that one-producer style. 

With that said, this 7 song EP is pure GOLD for any fan of hip hop. You have 2 of the best at their respective crafts who are possibly at the height of their game. Bronson’s following has been growing with every release to where he is now featured on several major albums. People are really trying to get this guy’s verse on their songs. Harry Fraud might be the best ‘new’ producer in the game right now. He was at the helm of Curren$y’s EP Cigarette Boats, which XXL Magazine hailed as “Best EP of the Year.” 

Again, these 7 songs don’t disappoint. I was excited as hell about this release, and I am now on my 4th listen of the day. There is something very colorful, yet ethereal about Harry Fraud’s beats. 


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